The first post…. if anyone cares

OK, here we go, this will be the start of (I hope) a blog lots of people will watch and follow religiously.

Strangely, the first post on this FILM PHOTOGRAPHY site will be about using my digital camera, and using it exclusively for ONE YEAR.

I have read this post on The Online Photographer with great pleasure, and I have decided to participate in this endeavour.

I will use One camera, One Lens, One day, and make a print EVERY day.

I think this will have a lot of benefits. First, it will ensure that I will carry my camera every day, then that I will take one ore more pics every day. This is the hard part, because even if I love photography, I often have days I am not inspired, or simply I do not want ot use or carry this darn camera.

Then I will have to chose a picture (perhaps there is only one…) and print it, or have it printed.

I guess this is the point intended to make you aware that each picture you take should be something…. well, perhaps not great, but at least OK.

I started today, on the 15th of january 2015with this picture:

Enter a caption

Nothing special, but it was raining, hard, and I I was in a hurry. Nevertheless I did it, and I am quite proud I did it.

Now the thing I started this post with is….. I am ashamed I did not take this picture with one of my wonderful film cameras, but with my Fuji X30 digicam.

OK, I confess, I like it! I’don’t know if it will be my one and only last ultimate digital camera, being a victim of G.A.S., but for the moment, it does what I want.

Only thing that does not fit The Online Photographer’s rules is the zoom lens of the X30.

We’ll see how this works out.

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