That devilish temptation of digital…

Olympus OM2n – TriX

I shoot film, that’s the reason for this blog, but it was not always that way.

I have been shooting film since I was young (obviously, no choice there), but switched to digital in the early 2000’s. First I bought a point and shoot Canon to document the birth of my fourth child. It was a crappy thing with 2.1 megapixels, a shutter lag of about 1 second and a screen not bigger than today’s EVF’s.

Then I was lured by affordable DSLR cameras, notably the Canon Digital Rebel….. then a Canon 40D and some lenses.

Olympus OM2n – TriX

After that came the Fuji X100 that led me back to film cameras, as I explained in the former post. But since that day, I have been tempted by digital time and time again. I bought a Fuji X10, several X20’s, an X30, an X-E1….. and sold them again.

I never came to like them as much as the Olde Film Stuff. But still they tempt me!

iPhone 5C

Imagine the Olympus MFT OM-D cameras… gorgeous design, fast results, top quality. Imagine the Fuji X-E2 with legacy lenses… wonderful machines.

But I will stay strong, I will not heed their calling. Well at least I think so, because you know, GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) is like nicotine addiction, it will always be there, tempting, whispering in your ear….

Perhaps one day I’ll overthrow my resolutions and fall for a digital camera, but for the moment, the few times I need a photo immediately, I need to send it on the moment, I have my iPhone. For all real photography, my film cameras give me all the satisfaction I need.

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