It’s Back at last!

I was a fool, a bloody fool, some months ago! I sold my preferred camera, and I have regretted it ever since.

What is that camera? A Leica? Some incredible SLR, perhaps the OM1? Or is it a medium fomat Hasselblad?

No, it’s small, diminutive, exceedingly well made, stylish and above all pocketable!

It’s the Olympus XA2     

All automatic, zone focusing, fast….. what do you want more. It’s a camera you can have with you all day long. No strap to carry it, no need of a bag or big coat pocket – the XA2 fits even in my tight jeans pocket.

It was the camera I have made much of my best pictures with. A camera I like profoundly. And now I bought another one, very good condition, clean and functioning perfectly.

I am not at all affiliated with them, but I’d like to commend Ffordes in Scotland ( for selling me this camera. Exactly as described. Very friendly contact and fast posting and very good price!

Here are some examples of pictures I took with this camera:

Into the sun


Stairway to….
Color pallets
The writer
What a great lens!

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