The decision is made: Impossible Film !

Some days ago I was wondering which of Fuji’s Instax offerings or Impossible’s rehash of Polaroid film would suit me better.

Polaroid Impulse AF

Well, the decision is done, it will be Impossible Film with a nice old Polaroid camera.

Why did I go for this solution? First, the Fuji Instax cameras are really not great – best of the bunch being the Instax Neo Classic 90 which offers a bit more creative possibilities, but on teeny tiny Instax Mini film.

The Instax Wide 210 or the new 300 are monstrous plastic globs, feeling cheap. OK, the pictures have a decent size, but the results are too clean. There’s simply not this unpredictable side of Impossible film that makes is so appealing. Instax is a nice solution, even the Instax wireless Printer, but it’s a solution mostly marketed to and designed for young partygoers, and I am definitely neither of both (young and a partygoer).

I ordered the camera directly from Impossible and it comes fully refurbished, with one year of warranty and a hefty price tag. Much more than if you try to grab one on eBay. But this way I am sure I will have a good, clean camera.

Now of course I lust for a Polaroid SX-70 SLR…… but that is another story, and another price league entirely.

I will post pictures as soon as I get my camera, promised.

UPDATE: The camera arrived just now, looking like new. Very nice packaging! Can’t wait to waste some of those horribly expensive films – I ordered the new B&W 2.0 version and I’m hoping for a big improvement over the previous version.

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