I told you I would do it…..

OK, after some days, here are my first observations concerning the new Impossible B&W 2nd Generation film…. and of course my Polaroid Impulse camera. First off, the pictures develop FAST, as in very fast. Just about 2 or 3 minutes and they are done. A shadowy image appears after about 10 seconds, so you can evaluate if the shot was OK or not.IMG_0071When they are done, the pictures have a very nice contrast, really black blacks and white whites, if you know what I mean. No more 50 shades of grey as the old films. Really nice contrast! Some love it (I do), some might prefer more nuanced rendering…. de gustibus non est disputandum ! How will the pictures keep up over time? I looked at my ‘old’ Generation 1 pictures from about a year ago (they were stored in a dark cupboard, so no direct sunlight), and they were quite faded. With a vintage sepia tone. Now the first picture I took with the new film (Buddha) has already faded a bit. It has acquired a slight sepia tone. See the evolution here: 

Buddha, fresh picture!
Buddha, fresh picture!

After one week…. Sepia rearing it’s ugly head!

Will it stay that way? Will it get worse? Time will tell, and of course I’ll tell you too…. As for my camera, it’s really a nice job they did at Impossible to refurbish it. Looks clean, feels new! BUT…. I’ll have to check but the last 2 pictures I took turned out very dark (see the cat pic).  

Sully the cat
 The one before was taken outside in the twilight, about 1m from a plant in my garden. The flash worked, but it is nearly completely dark. No interrest in showing you the picture….. I’ll check, but there might be some small problem there. Good to have one year of Impossible warranty! I’ll keep you updated about my Polaroid adventures. Update: I contacted Impossible for some ´splaining about the dark pictures and I got a very fast reponse. They are asking for further information about the conditions the pics were taken in and the batch number of the film. They will check if there’s some fault with the film. Cool and fast reaction ! First point goes to Impossible.

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