So many choices……

I am presently in a quite delicate situation, explaining my lack of posts in the last month.

Some monetary and private storms heading my way, well, call them real nasty cyclones if you like. I sold some of my beloved cameras, the SLRs and lenses. Bye bye to my beautiful OM1 and 2, I’ll really miss you.

Sold my Canon scanner too….. that was a bigger step to take, as it might really lead me to turn my back on film. YES, YOU HEARD RIGHT! I might really do it.

Financial pressure is a bitch, and if you would like to give me some, any advice on this…..

I got my Fuji X30 stashed away, and if I think about it, it might give me all I need to continue in photography. But I also still got my Olympus Trip 35 and XA2, though the beautiful TripIMG_0099 is on eBay for the moment šŸ˜¦ Ā  Ā  Ā (see vendor airwarrior3)

I am at a watershed, and I can’t say where I’ll end up…..

Keep you posted soon.

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