The amazing Travelling Snappy

I have an idea….. doesn’t happen too often, so you better listen up!

I’ve got his plastic fantastic Canon Snappy S fixed focus all automatic camera lying around, and I wonder if it wouldn’t be fun to make it travel.

Ugly duckling, no?

I’d like to send it to someone who’s interested, accompanied by a leaflet explaining the ‘Travelling Snappy’ rules.

Fully automatic it says, even focus…. well that one’s fixed!

I still have to work out some ruleset for this, but it would be around the idea to send the camera to friends or strangers who use film, who scan their negatives or slides and who would be willing to send my one, some or all of the pictures snapped by mail, with a brief description about you and your work. (Hey, I got  a draft of the rules already worked out, look below! They just need a bit of polishing)

I will set up a flickr set or a ‘Travelling Snappy’ website where I will put ALL the pictures you send me. With your name and any information you’d like to share.

I will put fresh batteries in the camera and off it goes. There will be a leaflet with the ‘rules’ in the box, explaining all you need to know.

And of course, for anyone who’ll need it, here is Snappy’s manual: Canon Snappy S

Beware, if you send the camera to other countries / continents, be sure to declare it’s value as insignificant or VERY low (as it really is…) to prevent the recipient from having to pay any import taxes.

I will pack it securely, so I expect you to do the same.

Just send me a mail notification when you receive and send Snappy on to other horizons.

Anyone who wants to be first in line, drop me a word and I’ll send Snappy. It’ll only cost you a roll of film and some postage.

Let’s see if we can get Snappy around the globe!

OK, here’s a draft for the rules that will come with Snappy:

Hi, I am Snappy,

I’m a plastic fantastic Canon from long ago and I like to travel. I’d like you to give me a spin, take me on holidays or to work or use me at home, I don’t care as long as you follow the simple rules below. Use me yourself, give me to your kids (well, I don’t like sticky fingers too much….) or lend me to friends and family.

I’m really easy to use, just insert a film of your liking, rotate my lens cover to open, slide my flash left to use it if needed and press my shutter!

I think we’ll have a lot of fun together!

  1. I came to you full of confidence, treat me accordingly please. Send a mail to the head guy to tell him I’m safe and where I am…. I think he’s worried too much about me.
  2. Use color negative, slide or b&w film with me, it’s your choice.
  3. Send the guy with the great idea a notification by mail when I arrive at your doorstep, with your name and location to (travellingsnappy(at)icloud(dot)com).
  4. Shoot your film, just try not to be too long about it please. I’d love to see the great wide world quickly.
  5. Develop the pictures, scan them or have it done and mail all or some or even one of them with your name, location and any information you’d like to share to the travellingsnappy(at)icloud(dot)com address.
  6. Send me off to the next participant (from the list included or someone else – you can also add trustworthy people to the list), well packaged and let the smart guy know you sent it by mail please.(BEWARE: for cross border shipping, please state a VERY low value (5€ | $ | £) for customs – this value IS realistic as I am old and only made of plastic, and will prevent the next guy in line to have to shell out any taxes.)
  7. You can include new things in my box, funny notes, a roll of film… your choice, but nothing offensive please. I don’t want to hurt anyone!
  8. Admire your pictures and others’s on the website.

Sounds like fun? Sure does for me, so don’t break the chain or you’ll have to shoot digital for all eternity – sounds frightening, no?

Thank you for taking care of me!



Hey, just thought of something…. (OK I’d probably do better doing chores around the house), but

IF I get a lot of pictures


IF there are really good, fun, interesting pictures among them

Why not go and do a little book with them. No profit intended, just see how to cover the cost of having the book done.

But I’m just thinking…..

The next day……..

Thought some more!

I think it would be FUN if some of you could make ‘unboxing videos’ for YouTube. Nothing serious, keep it funny.

I might make a ‘boxing video’ myself – never did such a thing, but I’ll try.


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