Why I don’t do those ‘a photo a day’ things…

Every day you stumble over those blogs that propose some ‘a photo a day for a year’ challenge. Or it might be some ‘one camera, one lens’ thing.

Why don’t I like those?

Let me say that for me, photography is not only the fact to have a camera with you occasionally and snap some pictures at random. It’s rather something I feel deep in myself, something I love to do, something that fills me with all kinds of good mojo.

The shopper

I like to look, to observe people and things; to see the play of light on buildings; to see the weathering of time on my city. I like to document what I feel about these things. I like to share the feelings I experienced in those moments.


Now why would I bother to force myself to shoot every day? There are simply days I’m not in the mood, I’m preoccupied, busy, tired…. anything that can prevent me from seeing those nice things around me.

If I make any pictures on such days, they will mostly be bland, uninteresting or simply stupid.

Foolish me does not want to make stupid photos! Not that my photos convey any big meaning,  mind you, they carry at best some part of the amazement I felt when I made them. they are meaningful to myself, as they please me and remind me of a moment in time. Now if others like them, all the better.

The shed

That’s the reason I won’t MAKE myself photograph every day, like it or not. Besides, film’s too friggin’ expensive…. just kidding!

Photography is the perfect combination of light, subject and mood – if they are not there, if even one of them is not there, why bother?

The Fallen

Now I won’t say that when I’m in a bad mood and have really no inspiration to go out and do what I like, I have to force myself, to kickstart myself back into business to get rolling again. That is sometimes necessary, but it does not imply  that I have to do it every day. Simply not my thing.

Now it’s what you like, no problem with me, as long as you go out and make nice pictures!

Today, after work I’ll go home on foot – no bus today! The weather is superb, sunny and clear, it’s quite cold so it will be a pleasant 45 minute walk home and though I know the way by heart, who knows I might see something worth a shot or two – but I won’t force myself.


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