The Red Bridge

GDCBThe so called Red Bridge is one of the main markers in Luxembourg City. In fact, it’s official name is the ‘Grande-Duchesse Charlotte Bridge’ and it was planned in 1957. Construction began in 1962 and finished in 1965.
It is one of the 3 main bridges that link the upper city of Luxembourg with it’s other parts, separated by deep river valleys. Most notably of the two others is the ‘Adolphe Bridge’, built 1900 to 1903,Luxemburg-pont-adolphe-021104 linking the upper city to the quarter of the railway station and the ‘Viaduc’. It is the bridge with the largest single stone arch in the world! It is currently being renovated.

Back to the ‘Red Bridge’ and it’s distinctive red color due to anti-corrosive paints. It is built entirely on the base of metal ‘caissons’, a novelty for large edifices like this in those days. IMG_0054

The bridge links the upper city to the European Quarter on Kirchberg and is a major thoroughfare in the city. In the coming years a tram line will be built and will cross the Red Bridge, and will end at the airport 5 kilometers away.
The bridge has a sad reputation as ‘the suicide bridge’ since it’s construction, with over 100 persons ending their lives, jumping from it. In 1993, after the airing of a documentary by luxembourgish director Genevieve Mersch, a curved plexiglass barrier was built along the bridge parapet to prevent furher suicides. xOne macabre detail is that there are houses right below the bridge, about 80m from it’s top, and several suicides landed right inside the houses….

It’s  color and distinctly modernist 70’s aspect provide a stunning view over the Alzette valley. 001

OK, I like my city – why don’t you come and visit!


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