When G.A.S. Attacks…

What to do when G.A.S. attacks? What can I do when another Gear Acquisition Syndrome rears it’s ugly head?

I am usually sucked in by all those gear oriented sites on the net. I fall for every new kid… no, camera on the block and start imagining how that new piece of gear will improve my photography. How this new lens will open such amazing new horizons for me.

I hate myself for this, and I found a way to beat G.A.S. ….. well, sometimes.

I take one of my cameras and use it!

I don’t have to go out to shoot (that’s handy as G.A.S. often hits when it’s rainy and cold and I don’t have anything to do but browse the net). I don’t have to make plans about what to shoot. I don’t have to search far….

Look around you and you’ll find plenty of subjects even in such bland locations as your cellar, your kitchen or bathroom. You can even use your iPhone….originalphoto-475187247.417245

Fondling your beloved cameras will remind you of why you bought them and of why you loved them in the first place. You will understand that they will give you all the nice photos you ever could want if you just use them.

This might stop you from longing for more / other gear.

It might, I said as the temptation will always be there. Just like nicotine addiction, you’ll be drawn to new gear. So please take my words to heart and concentrate on the things you have. They made you happy and they will continue to do so.

I have just been reading about the new Olympus Pen F

 and it opened up the chasm of digital for me again. Why not the Pen F, or a Fuji 100 for all it’s worth. I liked it when I had it. I even liked the Fuji X30 a lot….

Then I grabbed my Lomo LC-A+ and took some snaps around the house and I thought about writing this up.

It worked…… for now


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