My Film Simutations come in little plastic Containers

I liked my Fuji X100, I loved the X30 (might even get one again…)! And part of what I liked was the gorgeous film simulations.

Provia, Velvia and the others, among them a very passable B&W mode. Not the Acros of the new X-Pro2 for sure, but nice and contrasty in it’s red-filter-flavor. At last we can chose freely what look we want! Well done Fuji!

Wait! What am I saying? Film simulations? Let me think… FILM SIMULATIONS!

S I M U L A T I O N S !

A simulation is not the real thing, eh? I can buy ‘film simulations’ at an average of 5€ (or less) per item. They come in beautiful cardboard boxes. Inside is a nice round container. Open it and smell the wonderful fragrance of the film inside. I love it!

I load my ‘film simulation’ in my camera and get around 36 nice pictures… well some even

151109 - 02-35
Fuji Superia 400 ‘simulation’

are keepers. Granted, I can’t change simulation on the go, that’s a fact. But I normally carry my XA2 sporting a B&W simulation and the Lomo with a color simulation.. So what?
Don’t tempt me with your simulations Fuji. I like the real thing.  And if that’s not working, there’s always Lightroom 😉

So just use these simulations if you like, I won’t say anything. But let me use mine and enjoy the fine colors. And as an aside, I get that gorgeous grain FOR FREE! No digital noise, FILM GRAIN, people. The real Thing!

Kodak Portra 800 ‘simulation’
Ilford HP5+ ‘simulation’

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  1. We get it: you HATE digital and and don’t mind paying 5 euro(5.69 US dollars where I am) every 36 shots(processing not included) just to feel smug and superior. no wonder I quit shooting film. The film photography community(especially film-only photographers like yourself) almost made up of complete snobs.


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