Why I deleted my Flickr account

Yes, I did it! I deleted my Flickr account!

I did it because I was tired of having always the same persons (no bad feelings! Thanks for faving my pictures) fave all my pictures immediately after I posted them.

No evaluating the pics, no real involvement there. They just faved EVERYTHING.

And always hunting for more so called ‘followers’ finally annoyed me enough so that I deleted the whole shabang.

I’m off Flickr – I’ll concentrate on this site and of course http://www.franklehnenphotography.com. I’ll concentrate on making pictures and on writing of my experiences. Just like that.005I tried Instagram and it just annoyed me form the start. Flickr lasted a bit longer, but now it’s gone, out, for good!

So long Flickr, here comes my new life without you!

13 thoughts on “Why I deleted my Flickr account

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  1. Totally with you! On Instagram everyone’s faving your stuff just to get some follows back… but thats not what photography is about! I also prefer wordpress as you can get real responses to your thoughts and work 🙂

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  2. Interesting. After couple of years on Flickr I found out that there is no real feedback on there. You only get positive comments or faves. Well, sometimes, I get thoughts, but rarely.If someone says something, they would talk about great color, great composition, great subject, thrilling mood… When I stopped commenting on other people’s photos, 99 % of them stopped commenting on mine. It is just a game to please people’s ego.

    Well, first I was happy when someone liked my photos, but after some time (3 years) I realized it is just an artificial and no real praise.

    Same problem on Facebook. Thought there are some critique groups I think…. people would write “FOR CRITIQUE” under they photo to get some feedback…

    Tumblr…just display and no feedback…

    Thought I didn’t stop posting there. I use it for organizing my photos. Well, there are still that 1 % of people, that would say something interesting (sometimes).


      1. But…what do you expect from posting here? Do you get better feedback compared to Flickr?


  3. Certainly not, but I don’t care that much for feedback. I make my photographs and I’m happy with them. I am not a professional who has to please others. I like making pictures, and try to make them as best I can.

    I write up some things that might or might not interest people and I am content with that.

    No flickr, tumblr or Facebook for me. When I was young, photography lived without those and it does so today still. If anyone feels inclined to comment on a picture or a post, he’s very welcome. And I appreciate any comment, but it’s not a necessary thing in my photography!

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    1. I agree with everything you wrote. The only difference that I stayed with this attitude on Flickr…but I am posting with same idea as you do…
      -I make my photographs and I’m happy with them
      – no necessary feedback, if someone wants to write, than they have option

      I am not forcing anybody to look at my photos.


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