Sunday Afternoon Walk around Home

Last Sunday I went for a photo-stroll around my home.

Nothing grand here, just some pictures for you to enjoy (or not). I took my beautiful Canon A-1 with the very fine 28mm f:2.8 lens, a roll of HP5+…..

Here are the results, well, some of them.

Would you like to accompany me for this stroll?

Just stepping out of the garage of our apartment I saw this in a very harsh spring sun:

A-1 - 007

A very kitsch bust in a garden in the neighbourhood:A-1 - 008

One time too much, this tree view, don’t you think?A-1 - 009

Some details are required…A-1 - 010

Aaah that 28mm… no flare!A-1 - 011

Count the age rings….A-1 - 012

Broken Tree…. sound like the name of some Indian Chief, no?A-1 - 013

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