Finders Keepers – But how many?

IMG_0002 (1)I have always wondered if my threshold for keepers in a roll of film is high or low. I always tend to like quite a bit of photos from one roll, and that makes me wonder…

So I decided to try a thing: Here I submit to your critical eyes a whole roll, fresh from the lab (with some basic adjustments but no cropping), shot with my ‘new’ Canon T90.

I mark each frame as keeper or reject, and give a quick reason in some border cases.

Now I’d be happy if you, kind readers would oblige to give your opinion. How many keepers would you have in this roll? Perhaps a reason, some critics.

I hope you’ll have fun shredding my hopes and aspirations 😉

Here we go:

So I count 24 Keepers or potential Keepers…. way too much I think.

Do I have to be more strict with myself?

7 thoughts on “Finders Keepers – But how many?

Add yours

  1. Hm, reject or keep, what a decision. What two photos would you select as two best for, let’s say, photo contest? My favorites are 6 and 17. As for individual photos. But I find interesting also many other photos in this set, even some that you marked as reject.


  2. Thanks for your comment, Pavel.

    In fact this was perhaps a bad choice for the roll of film as it is a test roll for my ‘new’ Canon T90, so nothing very sophisticated. I just took the camera out to the neighbourhood.

    I think there’s a difference between technical keepers – photographs that are technically OK, which are a lot of these – and photographs that have any ‘artistical or aestthetic’ value.

    I’d finally have kept, for aesthetic reasons the following: 34, 35, 21, 23, 16, 17 and 13. That makes 7 out of 35, still a nice average I think, but as I said, nothing very moving in there.

    My choice for the 2 best would be 13 and 34, no doubt. You see, all depends on the eye of the beholder 😉


  3. Yep, even they are “only” a testing photos they seem to be coherent, almost like a little series….

    That’t s what i supposed you asked – from aesthetic viewpoint, I wasn’t considering technical issue at all…

    So, what made you choose your final 2 as best photos?


  4. Thanks!

    As for my two choices, number 34 appeals to me as the focus is spot on, structures and colours are (in my opinion) beautiful and I like the whole composition. I like number 13 as the branches form such nice frame for the small window. It all smells of the small cottage, countryside…. well, you know what I mean. And the composition is simple. Should have framed a bit tighter though…


  5. And about my choice…both 6,17 for a potential of interpret a certain story….

    17…why pink beach chair in front of the garage, or a sidewalk, some girls around? where are they?

    6 … besides aesthetics, i also see a impact of human who had placed branches there…


  6. In my opinion 6, 13, 16, 17, 19 and 23 would be rejects along with the ones you picked. Saying that I sometimes go back later(maybe years later) with a totally different view. I love going through old contact sheets and finding lost “treasures”. My favourites are 4, 9 and 33!

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