Six by Four Vol.1 – Humans


I just finished my first photo book and put it up for your critical eyes on BLURB.IMG_0050

It contains mostly film photographs in black and white, from my home country, Luxembourg. Contrary to common beliefs, all is not always well over here and I tried to document this situation.IMG_0049

If you’d like, take a look and perhaps even order a copy of my book…image

I intend this to be the first book in a series entitled Six by Four in remembrance of the photography format of our youth. The book is further limited to 36 pictures – precisely a roll of film.

It will be available in hardcover with a dust jacket and in softcover. Both books are carefully crafted and printed on Premium Matte paper.

You can preview and buy my book on BLURB in both hardcover and paperback versions, and perhaps buy a copy if you like it:

Visit my Bookstore on Blurb

If you like it and/or my site but don’t want to buy it, please consider a small donation using the PayPal button below.It might pay a roll of HP5, a pint of Rodinal or a Leica… just kidding.


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