Yeah, I got this very beautiful Leica IIIa which is bound to be my weapon of choice from now on.IMG_0071

I have some very nice 50mm lenses with it, a Summitar, a Summar that’s ‘a bit’ hazy and an Industar 50/3.5 and a Jupiter 8 on the way from Mother Russia.

Then I thought about my other cameras, the Lomo, the XA2 and of course the Canon A-1 and T90 with their mighty lenses. What about them?

Of course, I’ll NEVER get rid of the Olympus XA2 again. Promised! It’s dear to my heart, and even when it’s not practical to have the tiny Leica IIIa with me, I can stick it in my pocket.IMG_0635

The Lomo LC-A+, bought for a lot of money from Lomography is another thing. I was extremely happy with the photos it makes, but bitterly disappointed with it’s build quality. It seems to fall apart when opening the back, the hotshoe has already come off – but quickly bent into shape and stuck on again. The loose focusing lever…. all this made me loathe using it for fear it would fail me.

So off it went, into the big Bay, obviously at a heavy loss. Who apart from me is stupid enough to buy such a crap camera at full price?

Then I thought about the pictures again, about the old russian Lomo I had before, that was slightly off, meter wise. I still want to own one of those!IMG_0641

I bought a supposedly CLA’d one again and hope for the best. It should arrive next week and I’ll let you know how it works out.

Then I went about my Canon gear – those cameras, as great as they are, seldom left home with me. Too heavy, too cumbersome…. I took my courage in both hands and offered them on eBay at ‘normal’ prices – they went within 3 days, together with the 28mm lens.

I’m just left with the 50mm, the 135mm and the Speedlight now… they might go in the next days too (if anyone’s interested, drop me a line!). Maybe I’ll keep the flash though….

So all that leaves me with a nice slimmed down camera bag with just 3 cameras.

Liberating, really. I just hope the G.A.S. bug won’t bite anytime soon again.


Thanks for reading!

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