The photographic community – as varied as humanity itself!

35mmcI love 35mmc!

This is a blog maintained by Hamish Gill, photographer and blogger, I visit daily – lots of times! This is a blog for which I have written some posts. And this is a blog that has given me much, has taught me a lot and always from kind and friendly viewers.

35mmc is a high point of photography blogs, no animosity, no harsh words – great, simply great. A lot of information, of great written posts by Hamish, the owner and other members.

This has made me think about the photographic community which is just as varied as humanity itself. I have had wonderful moments and encounters, and less enjoyable ones too.

On a notorious blog devoted to rangefinders (won’t mention names here…) I have encountered both extremes recently.

I left a post in a thread, leading to my humble website, and I had the most marvellous of experiences. A member of the site, a fine gent from Wales, took a look at my photography and decided on the spur to offer me his Leica IIIa he had no use for….. with 2 lenses, just for the price of postage. No strings attached! Just as I related in a former post.IMG_0115

I didn’t believe it at first, but some days ago a parcel arrived with a very nice Leica IIIa in beautiful condition and the lenses that are certainly used, but completely usable.

I never would have thought that this would be possible! Who will offer such a fine machine to a complete stranger? Nobody but a photographer can do such a thing.

Then again, on the same site, I caught a lot of flame for a post in a thread about the new Impossible I-1. I had the gall to link to a blog post on my site where I write that I don’t adore this camera….. sacrilege! My opinion is well thought over, as I don’t understand why you have to use your iPhone over bluetooth to access the manual settings of the camera. This was clearly not the thing to say about this camera.

I-1They shot me down. If I had had only praise for the I-1 all would have been well. I expressed just my opinion, but my opinion was not welcome.

Well, all this brought me some traffic on my site. One good point.

That’s why i love 35mmc – the people are just great! They accept, they give advice and always remain cool.

Thanks Hamish for your great work!

That’s the photographic community for you – sometimes rough on you, scathing, but most of the time helpful and even most generous in words and deeds.

Just as the rest of humanity itself.

Thanks for reading!

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