What does MINT have in store for us?

I received a mail today, a mail from MINT, the guys behind such gorgeous things as the refurbished Polaroid SX70’s with shutter speed control and the InstantFlex TL70 camera using Fuji’s Instax Mini format.

The ad features this picture prominently:IMG_0125

On next Tuesday they will unveil their ‘Game Changer’, but we might already start guessing what they have in store for us.

After the release of The Impossible Project’s I-1 camera, their promise of this being a game changer, it must be something awesome….. unless they just build some hype. But knowing their products I thing they really have something special in store.

What can we deduce from the picture they included in their mail?

Blurry, thanks, impossible to judge what this might be. A camera, instant of course! White pictures being ejected from the camera down low in the picture. An open flashbar on top? Hard to tell…

But there are those two picture frames in white in it. Look closely, on the right you see an Instax Mini format if I’m not completely wrong. The one on the left though doesn’t seem to represent an Instax Wide frame…. strange.

That one seems to be the format of an Impossible 600 frame!

Do they launch two cameras? Perhaps similar ones, one for Instax and one for Impossible film? Or will it be possible to launch one camera that can use both formats?

Crazy? Perhaps, but the guys at Mint are a bit crazy – they came up with a modern TLR camera using Instant film already – something unheard of.

The text above the picture in the mail says:

The only instant camera you’ll ever need
You are the Game Changer

This also makes me think it will be a universal camera capable, perhaps with an interchangeable back (or bottom), to use both formats.

Right on the heels of the Impossible I-1, something will be launched that is a game changer. Just a new camera for instant film, of any flavour, is not a game changer. A camera for ANY instant film format will be a game changer.

But we’ll have to wait a bit I guess.

If you have any hunch of what will be this game changer, feel free to comment!

Thanks for reading!

Ok, I have been terribly wrong with my prediction. Sorry but Mint just got us all on the hook with some unassuming upgrades to existing stuff…. Too bad!

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    1. Well, I had it all wrong. They introduced just some boring updates to their existing stuff… I wanted to delete this post. I was a bit carried away I guess.


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