Six by Four Vol.1 – Humans

Just to remind you.... You can see and buy my book on BLURB in both hardcover and paperback versions: Here's the way to My Bookstore on Blurb! No profit for me in it! Just for your enjoyment. But if ever you like my little book, you can make a donation to finance a roll of HP5,... Continue Reading →

The Impossible Project I-1

Or: 'What I think of it (without having seen or held it in real.....' In 5 days, The Impossible Project will write history! They will launch the first new real 'Polaroid' camera in years - the first one for them, apart from the Instant Lab. Of course they have been selling the old cameras, nicely refurbished... Continue Reading →

Six by Four Vol.1 – Humans

I just finished my first photo book and put it up for your critical eyes on BLURB. It contains mostly film photographs in black and white, from my home country, Luxembourg. Contrary to common beliefs, all is not always well over here and I tried to document this situation. If you'd like, take a look and... Continue Reading →

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