A roll of Fomapan 100

160603 - Fomapan 100 - Olympus XA2 - 018No, it’s not Creamy, definitely, it’s rather nicely contrasy and quite fine grained and sharp.

I developed this roll of Fomapan 100, shot with my trusty Olympus XA2, in Rodinal, 50 + 1 dilution for 9 minutes. Then I scanned it on my Plustek 8100 and got these quite good looking results.

I kinda like this film, not only as it’s about as cheap as you can get for a brand product, but  I also like it’s rendering. As the XA2’s lens is tack sharp, it’s an ideal combination in good light I think.

As for processing in Lightroom, I only just applied a slight bit (around 20 to 25%) of Clarity to some photographs and some dodging and burning. Nothing else, promised!

But enough praise for film and camera, let’s get to the pictures…

Some more graffiti! I liked the face seeming to pop out of the metal wall. He’s looking at you, kid!160603 - Fomapan 100 - Olympus XA2 - 017And I can’t get enough of this urban art form…. or vandalism, whatever your point of view is. I like it!160603 - Fomapan 100 - Olympus XA2 - 020

Luxembourg City is quite old, and has lots of historic vestiges, like this old fortification, modernised with concentric gravel-and-grass designs.160603 - Fomapan 100 - Olympus XA2 - 013

Railway stations and installations always fascinated me. Power lines, poles, old buildings… nothing better on a nice sunny day:160603 - Fomapan 100 - Olympus XA2 - 011

160603 - Fomapan 100 - Olympus XA2 - 010

160603 - Fomapan 100 - Olympus XA2 - 012

Who forgot his bike here? I’ve passed along here often in the last months, and it is still attached to the rack, lost! Nice bike though, just a pain in the a.. – no saddle!160603 - Fomapan 100 - Olympus XA2 - 019

But there’s modern stuff too, like this construction. Check it out:160603 - Fomapan 100 - Olympus XA2 - 029

And not to forget this! It’s a new lift for about 60 persons they are building from the valley in Paafendall (priest’s valley in english) to the upper city. Gorgeous construction. Absolutely got to slouch around there for more pictures!160603 - Fomapan 100 - Olympus XA2 - 034

Is this Venice? Nooo, it’s Luxembourg! Absolutely charming old quarters by the rivers. Here you are less that 500m from the teeming city center with it’s banks and businesses.160603 - Fomapan 100 - Olympus XA2 - 035

And by the way, when you’re sitting in the glass house, you better not throw the first stone as the saying goes. Guess this guy forgot it.160603 - Fomapan 100 - Olympus XA2 - 038

And the letter boxes… always a favourite of mine. I’ll do a whole ‘Letterbox Cycle’ one day 😉160603 - Fomapan 100 - Olympus XA2 - 007

Anyways, I love this film. And of course the Olympus XA2. Try them out one day!

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  1. I recently got an XA2 to after I sold a rangefinder. It’s a great little pocket camera and a joy to use. Might post some stuff I’ve done with it soon.

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    1. Great camera! What likes it for me was the viewfinder that flared terribly…. Perhaps only my cameras, but focusing was hard. Therefore I prefer the XA2!


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