The Leica IIIa… at it again

Had a stroll in town today and brought back some photographs. This time the Summitar 50mm f:2 and a roll of Fomapan 400 came along. I definitely begin to like those Fomapan films!

And by the way, I’m slowly adapting to that squinty viewfinder. At least the framing is not too bad (not too many crops) and I manage to get the horizon quite straight, something I failed at with digital cameras and artificial horizons in the finder.. strange.

I did a merge of two pictures taken with the 50mm Summitar. I definitely need a wide angle, but this square format is quite pleasing.

Perhaps I’ll try medium format some day:160722 - Fomapan 400 - Leica IIIa - 005-Pano

A chessboard? No, just some stupid office building from the seventies….160722 - Fomapan 400 - Leica IIIa - 002

And then again I can’t get enough of the parking ramp of our apartment building:160722 - Fomapan 400 - Leica IIIa - 029

Ok, that’s it for today.

Won’t post tomorrow…. load of family coming by for coffee and cake.

Thanks for visiting!

P.S.: What the heck… I just released a new post anyways!

4 thoughts on “The Leica IIIa… at it again

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  1. I love all three of them, and even the one of the stupid 70’s office building.
    We got a few of them over here as well, and they probably looks more or less the same as down there.

    Nice merging of the two negs on that first one.
    Have you got yourself any medium format cameras yet? I started out with a Mamiya RZ a few years back, which for some odd reason grew into a collection of three cameras of the same type because of reasons I was not able to do much about.
    And then I got a Rolleiflex, and that’s about it. I like medium format a lot, but you need a strong back to haul those Mamiyas around for a day or three.

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    1. Tried a Bronica for a roll once. Nice to shoot, great looking results but he’ll to haul around. Apart from that I have a 1939 Kodak Junior 620 and an Agfa SynchroBox… not really great cameras…

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      1. I can assure you that the Mamiyas are even bigger and probably heavier than the Bronica. Still I let them out in some fresh air every now and then. I really like to work with them, but you need to carefully consider the ammount of lenses and stuff to carry before you leave the house. I have never put the lenses (I think I got 9 different ones) and all three cameras on the scale, but the weight is formidable to speak carefully

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      2. Do not tempt me!!!!!!

        Anyways, I never leave home with a camera with more than two lenses. Normally I screw one one and that’s it. If I take too much it’s paralysis by choice for me


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