The Doors

No, this is not about the fabulous group around Jim M.140104 - Olympus XA2 - 6This is just about Doors, real doors, mostly old ones.  Doorways into forgotten homes, into lives long past.140104 - Olympus XA2 - 24 (1)Mostly decrepit. Gone to seed. In short, interesting!

Those doors fascinate me. What happened behind them? What lives were lived here? What stories unfolded here decades ago?140318 - Olympus Trip 35 - 11This was one of my projects from some time ago and it still surfaces today.

Any old door I see I am tempted to make a photograph of. When I roam the streets I always keep part of my mind aware of those doors… and windows too.140318 - Olympus Trip 35 - 14There are the signs of real lives that happened here. Mysteries to me, but all subject to my imagination. Who lived here? What did they do for a living? Where are they now?140426 - Olympus Trip 35 - 10Doors to their souls – Doors to our souls – Doors to twilight dimensions? Wherever they lead, I am attracted to them. Even dwarfish half-doors like this one…140101 - Canon A-1 - 35Anyways, here are some more:140426 - Olympus Trip 35 - 14140318 - Olympus Trip 35 - 19140318 - Olympus Trip 35 - 17140104 - Olympus XA2 - 15 (1)As always, thanks for being here and taking a look!

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  1. Nice series of photos coming along here. In Britain a door has come to symbolise social status. When you go around a council estate you can always tell the houses and flats that have been bought – because the first thing, and sometimes the only thing, they do is change the door, often replacing it with something that is totally incongruous.

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  2. Luckily there are lors of ancient houses around here, not yet renovated and re-doored. That seems to be a major consideration here too.

    The door as a sign of status and wealth

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