A lovely Picture from the Past

121012 - Agfa Synchro Box - 3I just wanted to share this picture from the past, from a peaceful, good life in Luxembourg in the early sixties.

These people are my grandmother, now 95 years old and my late great-grandmother who died a long time ago.

My mother, then around 18 took this picture with a very simple Agfa Synchro Box camera I still own today.IMG_0328.jpg It still works and is going strong!

This picture must have been taken in 1961, two years before my birth. It must have been in early autumn as the grapes were ripe (no imported fruit, those days!). A lovely sunny day in the backyard by the wall, warmed by the already low sun.

On the table I see a typewriter my mother used to do some secretarial work at home for my future dad’s firm. The typewriter is loaded with several sheets separated by carbon paper and came with a nice carrying case. There are the requisite paper supplies and on the notebooks sits another camera that my mother does not remember…. too bad.

Delightful, those grapes!

Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “A lovely Picture from the Past

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    1. …well for me it’s complicated. It just offers too much possibilities to chose from. I am a notoriously undecided fellow and can never take my mind up.

      I can never chose if I like shooting Raw or Jpeg, shall I shoot with filters applied, auto ISO? That was what made me return to film. One film in the camera and that’s it! No fancy menu in the camera. Just me, the camera and the big wide world outside!

      Mind you, this is just me!


  1. Is it the Agfa Box with yellow filter version?
    My dad still got his Box at home. I took it out not too long ago and snapped a few frames with it. Works like a dream, of course. Then again there’s nothing much inside them prone to go wrong.

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