When something happens… be there!

A moment like this is always rare. Just sometimes at the right moment you are at the right spot, the sun is at the right angle and there’s something moderately interresting happening.

All these are the ingredients of a passable photograph.But to capture these moments you have to go out, you have to be in the right state of mind, receptive and ready and above all, you have to have your camera, any camera with you.

I’d like this to be a plea to all photographers to stop sitting in front of their computers, browsing gear related sites, longing for ever newer gear. I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to that, but I try hard to get better.

Often I have to force myself to go out, not to be so damn lazy and to hunt for these photographs. Like everything you want to achieve, you need to be involved. You need to put some effort to it and if photography is really your thing, then DO IT!

This one happened some day in late winter on my lunch break. I had my Olympus XA2 in hand and strolled the streets of Luxembourg City.


7 thoughts on “When something happens… be there!

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  1. So true Frank, I once wrote that some people seem so lucky, in truth they create their own luck by getting out more and just being ready. I’ve noticed the last couple of weeks that I’ve had a lot more interesting photos mainly because I’ve been out and ready.

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    1. (I feel there is a photo challenge there! Take a good photo behind the computer screen.) absolutely, get out, live an interesting life, see what’s happening. I really love the two extended shadows.

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  2. Sometimes a scene just jumps at you, like this one.
    Great one, Frank. I love the light, and the shadows of course. The entire composition is just damned bang on brilliant!

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