Flowers for you…

As much as I love my film cameras, I have to admit that though I often carry one (well, most of the time actually), There are times when it’s just more convenient to use the damn thing that’s always in your hand: The iPhone

In fact it’s the only digital camera I use currently, and I find I use it too much. In fact I don’t like to make photographs with it. I find it very awkward to hold, awkward to release the ‘shutter’. In short, I don’t like it.

It’s just that sometimes it’s in my hand when I walk outside and then I see something like this:imageImpossible not to snap!

In the end I quite like the results, tweaked with Snapseed to turn it into to a grainy contrasty film lookalike.

In fact, I don’t dislike digital – you can make it look any way you like – I just despise most digital cameras. From iPhone to DSLR, all of them!

Well, not all…. something like the Leica M-D would be fine. But there’s a small problem, the bloody price tag.

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  1. You’re right, for me it just comes down to the preference of the tools, the camera in my case. The end results are very much OK. Small sensor iPhone camera or negative scanned with a capable but far from perfect consumer scanner…. if the resulting photo is OK it won’t matter to the viewer.

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  2. choices I guess…

    i love the look, the physical look of analog cameras, they are beautiful, they are probably joy to use, and I love the look of film …both colors and bw…. but I am impatient person, and if I get the result in digital way…

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  3. I still think it’s possible to tell between a tweaked digital and real film though some of the free apps do make a very decent job indeed of replicating a certain “look” of 35mm film image. Which is why I bought myself an iPhone to play around with. Hopefully the replacement one they’ve just sent will work more reliably, though. Hey! What’s the betting that someone, somewhere has probably already 3D printed themselves a “proper” Leica case for an iPhone 🙂

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