That phone…

I’ve been talking about the iPhone in yesterday’s post and today I’d like to just have a sad little thought about all the people who walk through life with their eyes glued to a tiny screen.

They say that there have never in history of humankind been taken as many photographs as now and I guess that’s true. But what are these pictures about?

What can people photograph who never ever look up? Selfies! That’s what’s happening! People so enclosed in their own little world that all they ever see is themselves !

All that’s interesting to them is their own presence in this world.

I am certainly no luddite, using my iPhone as much as anyone. It’s the greatest invention since sliced bread but it’s not all there is.

Look around you, people! See the world! Look UP!

Think, interact, damn you, LIVE!

There’s more to your life than that.140709 - Kodak Portra 160 - Olympus OM2n - 018

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