Nothing like  a nice acronym, don't you think so? And anyways, HoToP sounds and looks quite good! But what does it mean? Well it's simply the abbreviation for The Holy Trilogy of Photography What trilogy? Silly question! The trilogy of lenses that should be in anyone's photo bag! And though my fellow blogger Dan James... Continue Reading →

TRP – Today’s Random Picture

An older one, but still a good one, though it's color. I took this photograph 2 years ago, walking to my car one afternoon when a thunderstorm was threatening. I saw the reflection of the sun, I saw the guy walking in front of me.. but the glare would cause underexposure with my Olympus XA2.... Continue Reading →

New look!

As you (hopefully) noticed, I switched to a new look for my blog. Hope you like it. I think it's clearer and better suited to a photography blog. Nonetheless, any comments (and critique) are welcome. Thanks for visiting!

The Narrowest Street in Luxembourg

Yes, it's a street, it's got a name ('Dem Honn Hannen' in luxembourgish - literally 'the dog's ass'). Nice name for a nice street.. or streetlet. Starts with a VERY narrow passage between two old buildings, then it 'widens out' as it runs along between old garden walls set with old gates. All pictures done... Continue Reading →

A lovely Picture from the Past

I just wanted to share this picture from the past, from a peaceful, good life in Luxembourg in the early sixties. These people are my grandmother, now 95 years old and my late great-grandmother who died a long time ago. My mother, then around 18 took this picture with a very simple Agfa Synchro Box... Continue Reading →

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