Stopping the gear talk !

There might be a change coming up on my blog! I’m seriously pondering not to mention gear any more, unless absolutely necessary.

I’ll keep maintaining my ‘gear’ page for all those who are interrested, but I’ll try to avoid mentioning my tools if possible. Unless of course I’m discussing a specific piece of gear!

The photographs I publish might be from an 80 years old Leica, a Canon AE-1 from ’76 or an eighties Olympus XA2, I won’t tell…Might even be iPhone… Who knows. Or, heaven forbid, another digital contraption.

I stopped following a great site dedicated to rangefinders some time ago exactly for that reason. Too much gear, not enough photography. And now I’m going down exactly the same path. No, I have to stop and reconsider what I really like…. Making photographs!I’ll try to stay true to this new rule and stay strong. Won’t be easy not to fall back into that old gear-talk routine and you’ll have to be lenient with me.

Ok, so let’s talk about photography and the wonderful encounters you can make.

I was in Berlin last week to find a flat for my daughter who will be studying there. We had some downtime and took a stroll throught the majestic Karl-Marx-Strasse. We saw a crashed car, parked right on the sidewalk, next to the lamp post it had felled.160902 - Fomapan 400 - Leica IIIa - 013Ok, nice to discover that sight, but nothing exceptional… until we were on our way back!

A group of young guys with their bikes was busy around the car, setting up an ‘accident scene’. One of them was taking a picture with his phone when they spied us, me with my ….. ooops, I was about to talk about the gear! No way!

He just saw the…. ahem, photographic tool I had on my person and asked me if I could take a picture with his phone so he can be a part of the tableau. Of course I did, and I asked if I could make a photograph too. They were more than happy to oblige…

I’ll call this ‘The Berlin Massacre’160902 - Fomapan 400 - Leica IIIa - 014

Was nice to have you, thanks for reading until next time!

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