You  don’t have to look far to find something to photograph!

I am certain of this. Just keep your eyes open and some photo will call out to you:


Nothing really thrilling, but it’s got something that works for me.

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  1. It works for me too Frank! I really like the bright sun and shadows.

    I have this theory that the photographs are just out there waiting to be captured too. I have a vision/daydream that there are gold gilded frames of all different sizes hanging in all different positions throughout our environment, framing interesting and beautiful compositions, but they’re invisible to virtually everyone except those of us patient enough to stop and look closely enough. Like you did here.

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  2. I really like the second image. I feel it probably works better in black and white as well. I can say why I like it exactly but there’s something in it.


    1. Hi Chris, thanks -there’s sometimes a second (or first) image popping up in this post… dunno why? Happens on my iPhone when I view the post. Normally there should be only the picture of the shoes…

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      1. Yes, there’s another image appearing on top of the post on the WP app on my iPhone – the feature image? Probably on your iPad too…


  3. Exactly Dan, photographs are everywhere, you just have to see them. Some go through life without seeing them, and I do so sometimes too. When I’m preoccupied, when I am down, or just too much in a hurry I pass them by.

    But when you do see them, you just frame instinctively – you see the finished thing.As you say, loads of picture frames hanging around.

    That would make a very great series I think! Take a nice frame, set it up at the right places and take a photo.

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