No Pictures Today….

I won’t post any pictures today! Just one thing to tell you that I virtually convinced myself to accept an invitation to participate in a photo competition hosted by the local TV network in Luxembourg, RTL!

That was a hard decision, and perhaps a pint of beer helped some. My family urged me some weeks ago to send an application to the show. I was really not very hot to do it, but as an obedient husband and father I did it….

A week ago I  got a phone call that I have been selected for an interview. Awwww shucks, shall I go, call in sick, play dead…. or really go?

I went tonight!

They have liked my photographs! I’m about the oldest guy that applied and I had to tell them that I shoot film (“Oh film, ah yes, that’s funny” was the reaction – told them that it’s not funny, it’s normal!) .

I don’t know if they will retain my application? Apparently they received hundreds and selected about 20 for the interview – hey, lucky me!

12 Candidates will make the show that will be recorded from the 29th of october to the end of december! It will be aired in february, one episode a week. I don’t know if it will be because of my photographs, but they are looking for a wide age range for their show. I’m the oldest, apparently, so my chances are good.

But film… will it fit in their concept? The show will run for 8 weeks, with imposed subjects each weekend. The candidates will have 2 days to shoot, to submit their pictures… and I will have several hours less. I’ll have to develop, scan and process my negatives. All the time I will be followd by a camera team…  HORROR!!

Professionnal photographers will judge the results and eliminate one candidate every weekend.

The last 3 standing will get an exhibition of their work (with the mandatory sales!), and the winner will get cash… they won’t tell how much, and that’s a good thing.

I am notoriously shy, so why would I participate? Well, the idea is to promote film photography! To tell people that film is still viable.

I just hope they will have me in the show!

Anyways, I will keep you up to date of the further developments.

If I win I’ll throw a virtual party!

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  1. Ech drécken der d’Daumen! Datt se dech huelen an datt s de wäit kënns an der Show (am beschten natierlech, datt s de gewënns). Ech si gespaant! 🙂

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