Shooting like Garry Winogrand

Ah man, if only I could shoot like Garry Winogrand! No, don't misunderstand me please. I don't mean to shoot photographs like him (I'll never be up to that), but to shoot, to physically shoot like he did. I have always been intrigued by his mannerisms when he shoots. Just watch this documentary  of him,... Continue Reading →

Taking the Lift

Something new in Luxembourg City!Luxembourg City is bisected by 2 major river valleys... well, rivers, let's say brooks. But over the millennia they cut deep, steep valleys. Until now, you had to take a winding street or stairs to get up and down there. Since last month, the new lift has been inaugurated. It carries... Continue Reading →

She was looking at me, wondering... what had happened to her? How did she end up here?

Stopping the gear talk !

There might be a change coming up on my blog! I'm seriously pondering not to mention gear any more, unless absolutely necessary. I'll keep maintaining my 'gear' page for all those who are interrested, but I'll try to avoid mentioning my tools if possible. Unless of course I'm discussing a specific piece of gear! The... Continue Reading →

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