I Apologize…..

I just checked the date of my last post on this blog and I was appalled to see it’s been OVER A MONTH since I last posted something!161116-001-5OK, I have a partial excuse, or rather two excuses… We moved house on october 4th and did not have a good internet link until 3 weeks later. Then I am currently involved in a ‘project’ about which I am not permitted to talk for the moment. Just to say that it’s involving all my free time – at least the weekends – until december….

So with all the other number-one-priorities of work and family it’s been tough to write up something.

In truth, I started some posts but never got to finish any of them. They’ll be online some day though but I can’t really say when.

161116-001-3The only thing I can say is that the past weeks on this ‘project’ have greatly enhanced my understanding of my photography and my acceptance of limitations concerning gear. What’s more, it has definitely confirmed my choice of film as the medium I prefer. And more precisely of black and white film.

I have found what the photographers of days gone by knew already: It’s totally possible to work with film under the most stressful conditions and with tight deadlines! Provided you scan and don’t do wet prints.

161116-001-6But wet printing is on my radar now and I hope to be able to try it some day soon. Unfortunately until then it’s still a long way and I’ll keep up printing with my crappy Canon printer (a set of ink cartridges in more expensive than the printer!).

If ever wet printing will not be possible I’ll save up for a slightly better scanner and a greatly improved printer.

More photo books will also see the light of day as I definitely want to see my photos in the flesh, as real things. Even if I only have printed cheaper magazines instead of books it will be a great thing to hold real prints instead of abstract pixels!

No more will I say about this!

161116-001-7Hope to see you soon again here and sorry for the long wait!

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