Yes, I did color photography until 2014! 001-14These are from my trusty Olympus XA2 with Kodak Portra 160 film.001-15

Do I regret switching to black and white? Not really! There’s not only color, there’s light, shadows, moods yoou can render much better in monochrome than in color.

Color photos often live from color exclusively – monochrome pictures have to rely more on their contents, on the story they convey.001-18

And by the way, black and white film is so easy to develop at home, making it really cheap to use. The only cost will really be the film itself – about 5 to 6 € a roll here in Europe. Developing the film will cost me about 10 cents a roll with my beloved Rodinal.001-16By the way. these pictures were taken on a sunny winter’s day in Hollerich!

OK, so that was my little color interlude! Now I go back to the 2 only colors I need: Black and White! 001-23See, even without color you get the feeling of a drab autumn day, melancholy, cold and wet… no need for gaudy autumn leaves!

As ever, thanks for reading!

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