From the Hip

No really, focus is totally overrated, as much as viewfinders (or screens for you digital people…).

I sometimes like to aim my camera stealthily while holding it at hip-height, with focus pre-set and I wait until I pass something interesting…. click.

Well, often the results are off – too badly framed, shaky, uninteresting. But as I said in a former post, you never know if what you get might have some use.

This one, though suffering from a lot of camera shake looks nice to me and it tells a lively story.

160730 - Superia 200 - Canon SureShot AF7 - 010

Thanks for looking!

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  1. I’ve tried it a few times, and sometimes it really works actually. Maybe not to the same degree as this one, though. It’s a great snap by all means.
    And yes, focus is totally overrated!

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