(G)Rainy Days

They are here again, those days of high ISO, those days where you really hesitate to go out and walk around town with your camera in hand.001-4

They are here, the g(rainy) days. The glorious days of pushed HP5 film… or even of high ISO iPhone snaps.

Anything works, just do me a favour, go out and shoot!001-5

Go out in any weather, take a camera, anyone, really, and take those shots no one else does because the weather is terrible.

Those are really YOUR photographs; they belong and you ARE them because you dared to face the rain and storm and the cold!001-6Just do what you like to do – make photos! Do not let the weather turn you off.

These are mostly iPhone photos, just to show that you don’t need to take out your best and most expensive gear (though an iPhone costs much more than my most expensive film camera….). Adapt to the weather, embrace it, live with it and see the weather and the people’s reaction to it!001-3I promise you will take home shots that are unlike any others. Just forget about getting cold and wet and observe others being cold and wet, and make a record of that!001





img_0399Thanks for reading, and mind you… do what I tell you!

4 thoughts on “(G)Rainy Days

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  1. I like to do this myself as well, from time to time.
    We get our well deserved portion of rain and windy weather up here on the west coast of Norway, meaning I will get more chances of this type of snaps than the sunny ones on a nice summers day.
    On a really wet and misserable day I find a lot of pleasure in grabbing a camera and go for a walk around town to snap a few frames. I might need to get a bit more on the edge though, and bolder… getting closer to the people involved. That’s a totally different story, as many of us know.

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