…this book is not sold in the Amazon Kindle Store?imageIt’s nicely written, funny and does ask this question of why so many people return to the olden media of way long ago.

Be it film photography, vinyl records or even the humble Moleskine Notebook and it’s pencil, more and more people come to rely on, and love those things again.

Why? Well it could be nostalgia or perhaps the insight that our digital world with all it’s benefits is not all there is….

Read it!

3 thoughts on “I WONDER WHY…..

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  1. Part of it is Nostagia and also longing for physical things (books, vinyls, film cameras) its in the process. Reading a real book is still much more satisfying than reading an e-book…. for me anyway. Good weekend sir!

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    1. Of course you’re right! E-books are just more convenient, that’s all. And ‘I’m really starting to doubt the benefits of our digital future….. Good weekend to you too

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  2. Yeah, Analogue still has some key advantages…but you still scan yours and upload them on the internet šŸ˜› I think using the best of both is the way to go…however that looks.
    I’d like to check out the book, I’ve heard some sketchers recommend it to.

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