Ricoh GR1 – a quick review

My experience with a truly wonderful camera!Not here, but you’ll find it on Hamish Gill’s blog 35mmc

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  1. Bad news…. the GR1 won’t stay after all…. It has been playing up those last days and I was unable to switch it on unless I take out the battery and replaced it or toggle the film door latch… Then it works perfectly… until I turn it off again.

    I just got confirmation from a Ricoh Tech in Germany: My GR1 has a terminal electronic illness and unless it get’s a whole electronics-transplant it will die slowly…

    Too bad… but I was warned, those are not very reliable cameras? So I guess it will go to the Bay ‘for parts’ as a lot of things still work. I don’t want a sad paperweight on my shelf.


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