Early Morning – Going to Work

It’s six thirty in the morning, an ungodly time!

Shops are opening, sellers offer their wares161206-ricoh-gr1-ilford-hp5-22

But I’m up and after half an hour’s bus ride I’m in town, on my way to work.

Of course, my camera is with me! It’s dark!161206-ricoh-gr1-ilford-hp5-4

Of course, It’s december, early, night has not left yet.161206-ricoh-gr1-ilford-hp5-12

Lights are on in the shop windows!

And the photos are there for the making!

Look! See them! Make them!161220-ricoh-gr1-ilford-hp5-19

Have your camera with you any time!161206-ricoh-gr1-ilford-hp5-16-edit-edit

Do not miss an opportunity!

Thanks for visiting!

8 thoughts on “Early Morning – Going to Work

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      1. Man, If only finding your own style was easy! I think I’m settling on the sort of muted colours of the classic chrome simulation and working with that as a colour pallet. I think most of my favourite photographers use black and white (and I love it) but for me, I just keep coming back to colour. I love the Moriyama quote that he “looks for his desires and wants” on the street and photographs those. Finding himself in others.
        Anyway, keep shooting.

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      2. I left color at the beginning of this year. Just Ilford HP5 now. Daido’s quote is beautiful and accurate! If you don’t picture what you desire to see you better stop. I’m always surprised when I already can ‘see’ the final image before hitting the shutter button. Doesn’t work all the time but more and more…

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      3. I think that’s a real skill, especially in BnW and with less “normal” focal lengths. I’ve learnt pretty much where my lens will capture now as I’ve been shooting 35mm all year, that’s been a great help. Still not 100% accurate though 😦 more to learn 🙂

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