Luxembourg Airport by Night

Do you also think that train stations and airports hold a special fascination? Travel, escape, gateways to the world…. But for us photographers they are even more fascinating! Especially at night.

The local, and main airport here in Luxembourg is fairly small as airports go. But it still has all the important features we look for.

Weary travellers waiting for their plane.

Empty halls, cavernous underground parkings, they all present lots of opportunities. 

Of course in these terror plagued times we have to be careful not to appear too sneaky, unless we want to draw the unwanted attention of the authorities….

But with the right attitude and a bright smile we are normally OK. At least I hope so! 
Anyways, security concerns are becoming worrying. Strangely people do not object to being watched by surveillance cameras at every street corner but the sneaky guy with suspect camera (imagine, his camera does not even have a screen….) upsets them.

But we will continue to do our thing! We will still be making photographs and have fun!

As always, thanks for stopping by and happy shooting to all…. sorry, that’s meant to be happy holidays!

5 thoughts on “Luxembourg Airport by Night

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  1. Nice posts Frank. I really love both this one and the one of your early commuting during wintertime to work. There’s something about those contrasts between light and shadow, night and day. Great work and very well composed photos.

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