Don’t buy Gear, Buy Books!

Yes, please hear me out! It's not the newest and greatest gear that makes a photographer. It's his experience, his skill and above all his knowledge of photography. And what better way to experience the knowledge of great photographers than to buy their books! Or books about their work.  OK, you say, there's the internet... Continue Reading →

More Window Shopping

I posted a 'Window Shopping' thing some days ago, and it seems I can't get off that trip. Those lighted storefronts have something that makes me click the shutter. Mind you, it won't make me buy anything (apart from some camera or computer stores...). And after all here you find the only people who won't... Continue Reading →


Beautiful winter sun on a view that gets more and more common in Luxembourg. Contrast is beautiful on winter days, but also in these photographs. On one side there's the ever growing number of beggars in Luxembourg city, on the other side the rapidly growing luxury outlet scene with every major high end brand vying... Continue Reading →

Winter shopping

It's been cold those last days, not really winter yet, but colder than before. Shoppers in the City prepare for the big commercial holidays to come.The shops too prepare for the assault to come, but no real christmas mood is settling in....Luxury outlets do their best to woo the shoppers but still the major works... Continue Reading →


...this book is not sold in the Amazon Kindle Store?It's nicely written, funny and does ask this question of why so many people return to the olden media of way long ago. Be it film photography, vinyl records or even the humble Moleskine Notebook and it's pencil, more and more people come to rely on,... Continue Reading →

Christmas Fruit

This is the beginning of the christmas season for me. The smell of these really gets me in the right mood even if the weather does not.

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