Searching for alternatives….

For once this is something not (entirely) photography related! If you’re not interested in computers…. sorry, not for you. I’ll be back with photography stuff very soon.

It all began for me in 2006, when I bought my first iMac (the 17″ white plastic one. Apple calls it Polycarbonate, sounds noble. I have been an ardent defender of Macdom ever since! Call me a fanboy, I’m guilty of that, but I have my reasons.

My current setup: MacMini 2012 with 500 and 250Gb SSD and 16 Gb RAM, Apple 20″ Cinema Display, Teufel Concept B200 Speakers, Apple wireless Keyboard and 9€ Logitech wireless mouse. Added an external WiFi antenna and vertical stand for good measure. Note how the aluminium look matches my Spotmatic!

I sold that iMac late last year, after 10 years of loyal services. And as far as I know it still works. Sure it’s usefulness had decreased by then. Older OS only, slow with newer software…. but it still worked for standard stuff.

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