Didn’t you like to play with model trains when you were young? Well I did, a long time ago and though I never took a train those last…. many years. Trains and train stations still hold the same fascination.170106-leica-iiia-ilford-hp5-017The 504 of six to one…..

These are from my latest roll of HP5 taken with my Leica IIIa and Summitar 50mm.

An old fashioned look for old fashioned technlogy!170106-leica-iiia-ilford-hp5-018xxBut man that Leica gets cold at -10°C…. Snow and ice and a crystal clear blue sky promising more freezing days. So I kept my walk quite short. Just some quick shots and back home for some nice warm tea!170106-leica-iiia-ilford-hp5-019But I’ll be back at the local train station tomorrow. Trying another camera on it, and another lens. More of that in some days.

Thanks for reading!


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