The old Farm

What is more rewarding to photograph than old farm equipment (well, apart from train stations, airports, streets……. yadda yadda yadda).170106-leica-iiia-ilford-hp5-012

The magnificent, weathered textures play nice with the old lens. Imperfections upon imperfections. Combine this with nice grainy HP5 and you’re in heaven.

Most of this equipment still serves, of course, but is now in hibernation mode. Later, in spring, those contraptions will wake again, unfold their wings and head out to the fields.170106-leica-iiia-ilford-hp5-015But until then they make the perfect subject for a film photographer.

Hiding in the old barn, this trailer waits for more clement weather.170106-leica-iiia-ilford-hp5-011

The corrugated steel sidings on the barn were a bit under the weather too170106-leica-iiia-ilford-hp5-013My favourite is this one, the plough waiting, it’s swords still gleaming, ready to attack the fields once more. A big fearsome beast!170106-leica-iiia-ilford-hp5-014

Thanks for being here! See you soon!

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