I’ll be on TV….

As I said in this post back in September of last year, I accepted an invitation to a TV show featuring 12 budding photographers here in Luxembourg. The whole thing is a ‘shootout’ with one leaving the contest each week… reality style.a360221a679b2d99e576fbdf8e9a6808Now it’s official and the series will start airing on January 28th and I can talk about the experience.


And here’s me….


Sorry the whole thing is in luxembourgish – so you better start learning the language and join the crowd of about 350.000 native speakers!

So as you might notice I’m a tiny bit older than my comrades, but nonetheless we had a fun time and each one was able to learn from the others. Of course I tried to defend the virtues of analog photography and hope to have given the bug to some and perhaps some viewers….

Won’t tell anything about the outcome until the episodes have aired though.

It was not easy for me, going out, accepting challenges that for most did not correspond me and really did rip me out of my daily routine and made me reconsider myself.

I’ll report back how I fared in the series as they are aired!

Thanks for reading!

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