What a difference a day (…lens) makes

So as promised in my Trains post I headed back out to the train station, past the old farm the next day, still friggin’ cold, with my Canon A-1 and a new acquisition, the Sigma Mini-Wide 28mm f:2.8.170108-canon-a-1-ilford-hp5011This was a lens I had in days gone by and I found one for very cheap on the Bay recently, advertised as clean but aperture not working. Knowing that the aperture on Canon’s FD lenses does in fact not move unless you press the right thingamajick on the lens mount (as when it’s really mounted to the camera), I took the chance. Lucky me!170108-canon-a-1-ilford-hp5010

Not only is the lens perfectly clean, but the defunct aperture works like a charm.

So I took advantage of the wider angle compared to my Summitar to attack the same subjects once more.

Over all the photos are of course more ‘modern’ looking, cleaner, sharper. But in the same tome they seem to lack that vintage feeling the old Summitar gives. That glow….170108-canon-a-1-ilford-hp5009

Even the old trailer seems newer, cleaner… well not necessarily cleaner!

Summitar on the left, Sigma on the right:

170108-canon-a-1-ilford-hp5014Anyways, other lens, other photos. Each has it’s charms, but the more choice we have, the more it is difficult to choose. Here we sail straight into G.A.S. territory, where an abundance of gear hinders more than helps in our quest for good pictures.

Anyways, I will head out with any camera that strikes my fancy on any given day (or the one that has a roll already loaded) and take ONE lens only.

The rest is seeing and searching….

Thanks for reading!

One thought on “What a difference a day (…lens) makes

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  1. Nice find that lens!
    I have bought something like 3 old Voigtländers listed as broken with a stuck shutter release. Nothing wrong with any of them as you just need to pop in a film to make them work :))
    It’s great to see some good shots from a railroad track station area. I love old trains, boogie axles and stuff that make some noise 🙂

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