Phones… yet again!

OK, I guess you think ‘there he goes again about those darn phones’. And guess what? You’re right! There I go again, but this time it’s nothing to do with the worth or unworth of the phone cameras.img_0411

This time I feel I have to rant a bit about those things. As much as I like my iPhone as a means to communicate, to get information, to carry my files anywhere, to have my music with me, they start to get seriously on my nerves.

Why? Well simply because the worls seems to exist only through the phones any more!

All the people I see on the streets, inside, even at home have their heads bent down, nose scrwed to the glowing screen.

No one looks up, no one sees anything any more if it’s not on the screen. Photos? Well, people never took as many as now, but what are they?img_0409

Selfies – See what I’m eating – See what I wear….

You have to look up, people! See the world round you, look at it, understand it, live it. Then you can start telling others about it.

We have this insane urge to be connected all the time. I know it’s hard to think otherwise nowadays. We have grown so accustomed to the Constant Connection that the day we lose it, we feel…. unconnected, is that the word, obviously yes. And that makes us feel bad, almost naked.img_0412

Some weeks ago I updated my iPhone when I got to the office but I forgot that in order to restore it’s contents from the cloud-backup I needed a wireless connection…. no such at the office… img_0138

I spent a whole day unconnected, and I still live! Yes, I took some pleasure not to receive constant information, not to be able to check my life online. I was still alive though not online.

For some time now I have been pondering if it would be possible for me to go back to a bloody stupid phone, a flip phone like in the olden days. Most I would miss being able to type out my SMS messages on the tiny keyboard bot to have to multiple-press the buttons. Horrible! img_0621

But do I need th SMS all the time. Anyone wants something from me, well, take your phone and call me. That’s what they are made for basically.

Hey, now I will pass for a perfect luddite, analog photography, no smartphone and I got even Vinyls at home. No it’s not that, it’s just that I get tired of the day long distarction of my phone, pinging away.

OK,  now I feel better, the rant’s out!

A little disclaimer….. I admit I took these with my iPhone, sorry!

Thanks for bearing with me!

7 thoughts on “Phones… yet again!

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  1. Frank, these monochrome shots are great, phone or not! I think one day we’ll just all have to accept that we are lucky to have phones that can make such fine images 🙂

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  2. I work on board a ship. I’m away at sea for 4 weeks at a time. No mobile signal or anything out there in the big blue. It’s relieving, to tell you the truth.
    We still got internet and facebook and everything, but it’s not the same. You are a lot more disconnected to everything all the time, and sometimes the whole sattelite system breaks down and there’s no communication whatsoever in maybe one or two weeks.
    I love it when that happens.
    Great snaps, by the way!

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