Compact Camera!

Nearly one month ago I published this post, extolling the virtues of 3 compact cameras, the Contax Tvs, The Ricoh GR1 and the Olympus XA2.img_0003Well, this was then, and now is now! And now only the good old trusty XA2 remains in my camera stable.

What has happened? Well, first of all, the Ricoh broke down. Everyone told me those cameras would inevitably do it but I didn’t want to believe it I really wanted to love that camera and I DID love it.170101-ricoh-gr1-ilford-hp5-008It was fast, it was small, it was perfect for street photography, as I wrote on 35mmc!

But now it’s broken, and it’s on eBay, listed truthfully as defective with a correct description of the problem. It has already garnered 100ā‚¬. Not bad for a broken camera!

Then I has a moment of reflection… those cameras are expensive, compared to their less sophisticated cousins such as the XA2. The Contax is part of that breed too. If it should fail also?

I fondled it for some time, dry fired it some more and decided to sell it. Done`It’s gone now!

So right now there’s only my trusty XA2 that remains of the original trio. I’m not sad, I’m relieved that I have found back to the original camera that has given me such wonderful pictures as these:

I know well that I will not stop buying cameras, but right now I’m happy with what I got. Won’t last though, I know myself…..

I remember I told Hamish at 35mmc many times that I don’t like the whirring and purring motorised autofocus compacts and I guess I was right. I’ll stay with my XA2, the best, smallest and cutest camera ever made!IMG_1496…. and perhaps a new Olympus Trip 35…. and a Lomo LC-A… and…. and…. and….

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I wonder if there should be a term for when you sell on cameras that you bought due to GAS? Anyway at least you got to try the other cameras and you have your trusty Olympus by your side. I’ve been shooting my Olympus SP 35 a lot recently (almost non-stop since last week where the cold weather started doing funny stuff with my digital gear) and while it has it’s faults, it’s pretty darn reliable. Tried and tested eh.

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      1. Mine’s got a bit of a light leak. I should probably try and get it serviced but it sometimes causes something nice to happen. I’m really eager to try it with some expired film. BTW I’m blaming you amount others for this more pricy (yet rewarding and fun) way of shooting!

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  2. Ah! the trusty XA2, these small olys are addictive. I liked the pics I was seeing from these and ended up with a 35RC, trip 35 (late) XA, XA3 and the one that started it all an XA2. XA getting more use at the moment but I’ll have to load up the XA2 again. Keep your trusty companion by your side at all times Frank and thanks for the great pics and enthusiasm for these wonderful little cameras.

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