Stairs at Night

Stairs are always good for a photo, don’t you think?3

They are leading us somewhere. Up? Down? Where exactly?1

By night they take on a life of their own and become REAL!gart4-ae-1-b-013

People appear, people use them, they serve a purpose.gart4-ae-1-b-030

Stairs, always a treat to chatch them dong their thing!gart4-ae-1-a-005



2 thoughts on “Stairs at Night

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  1. Ahh… that last one there is really brilliant. And the first one as well, for that matter…
    We all got our “things” we come back to again and again. My “thing” seems to be power pylons, telegraph poles and the protruding silhouettes they usually make towards the sky. But that’s me…

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