The best lens ever!

I took my Olympus XA2 for a spin the last week and what can I say? This camera always makes me smile. It’s tiny, fits my pocket and does not weigh me down. And at the same time it is such a wonderful package.170125-olympus-xa2-ilford-hp5-10

Exposure is usually spot on, in any conditions, but above all, the lens is sharp, a wonder you are allowed to carry it without a weapons license!170125-olympus-xa2-ilford-hp5-14

I simply love that camera like no other. Even my Leica IIIa is no match for it. Simple to use, it just disappears when I press the shutter. There is nothing between my subject and the picture that’s already formed in my head.170125-olympus-xa2-ilford-hp5-20

The Olympus XA2 loves sunshine. Of course it flares a bit, but that’s just an aspect of it’s caracter. It’s vignetting too, but I don’t give a damn. I like it just as it is.170125-olympus-xa2-ilford-hp5-32

If I had to choose just one camera, this would be the one I’d keep. Nothing compares to it, nothing comes close to the pure joy I feel when I’m roving the streets and lanes with it. Nothing compares to the ‘wow’ moments when the scans appear on my screen.170125-olympus-xa2-ilford-hp5-35

If you are interested in trying film photography but not sure if you will like it, buy an Olympus XA2. It’s not terribly expensive and it will show you just how good film can look, better and less expensive than buying any fancy SLR with a bunch of lenses and finding you prefer digital (why?????). 170125-olympus-xa2-ilford-hp5-15

Try film, try the XA2!

I dare you!




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  1. Have to get mine loaded up again. Or maybe the XA3! Just out of curiosity Frank, have you tried an XA3? It is identical (I think) bar DX coding to ISO 1600. I have both but haven’t used them as much as I’d like. I guess I’ll have to rectify that!!

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  2. Found mine on the bay. Quite a reasonable price too. Let me know if manage to procure one Frank. As a regular user of the XA2 I would be interested in your conclusions.

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  3. I don’t have anything like the XA2, but looking at your pictures throughout the last few posts I should strongly concider one for sure. I found a Mju-III in a drawer in my mother in laws house a while ago, and that was a fun little thing as well. These snaps looks a lot crunchier and brittle though, with more punch and contrast inside them, just as I like them to be.
    I might get one of them XA2’s, but don’t you dare tell my wife if I go for one…! :)))

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      1. I have found the introducing bit quite simple, because there are so many cameras anyway around the house now making it absolutely impossible to see if one or two new has arrived…

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    1. I use(d) mostly Ilford HP5 but am trying Kodak Tmax 400 right now and I like it! For less grain I use FP4.

      In color I mostly use (cheap) Fuji Superia 200. Great film!


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