A less than perfect photo…

…but still it has something very interesting.170125-leica-iiia-pinhole-ilford-hp5-023

The story behind it is this:

I had just finished building my very own pinhole lens and of course I wanted to try it out immediately. Problem is I didn’t have y tripod yet and at a measured shutter speed of about 1/2 second at f:145 in this white-clouded freezing winter’s day I needed to rely on the support of natural tripods such as walls and fence posts.

Too bad there were none such around when I saw this shed in a garden that went back to the wild some time ago.

I tried the shot anyways, braced myself, stopped breathing, clenched my arms to my sides and gently released the shutter…. camera shake of course, but honestly less than expected. And what’s more, I think it gives the photo a very appealing vintage look.

Here’s a second shot where I put the camera on the wall you can see (barely) on the lower right. Much clearer, no motion blur but not the same intensity I think.170125-leica-iiia-pinhole-ilford-hp5-024

What do you think? Leave me your comments!

Thanks for reading.

10 thoughts on “A less than perfect photo…

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  1. Hi Frank. In the first photo i think about the emotion the photographer was going through and the second image is all about whats in the frame and how it looks in b&w. (Hope it makes sense )

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  2. It’s as close to perfect it will ever get, in my opinion šŸ™‚
    I love pinhole photography, but I usually make my own cameras all the way from the start using whatever I can find at the moment. Probably not the best way to do things, but then again it’s pretty cool as well. At least you never know what you get, and I have wasted film on things worse than that to be honest.

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